The Enamel
UK Agents for Uhlig Enamelling Kilns

Decoration Media for Enamelling

We have available transparent and opaque enamel chips, millefiori glass beads, threads, mosaics and millefioiri dust which are used to embellish a piece of enamel. Lay your decoration media into sifted enamel, place at random or create your own abstract design, fire to give a smooth finish.

Med 28 Round Copper Wire

Med 27 Flat Copper Wire


Decoration Media

The Enamel Shop Established 1976


Med 5 Enamel Chips - mixed transparent colours

Med 4 Enamel Chips - mixed opaque colours

Millefiori Dust

Glass Threads- Opaque mixed colours

Med 37 Tiny Square Mosaics - mixed colours

Med 36 Hexagonal Mosaics - mixed colours

Transparent & Opaque Millefiori Mixtures -various sizes available

2/3mm Transparent mixture

3/4mm Opaque & Transparent mixtures

4/5mm Opaque & Transparent mixtures

5/6mm Opaque mixture

7/8mm Opaque mixture

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