The Uhlig U5 P has been specially developed for cooling and relieving the stress of glass beads. The kiln is equipped with a hatch door and shelf, so that the kiln can be filled with glass mandrels easily. Since the U5 P is a muffle kiln heated from all four sides, i.e. the heating elements are outside the firing chamber, it is not possible for the bead mandrels to touch the heating spirals. A further advantage is that the heating elements are protected from harmful gases from the firing chamber. This increases their service life considerably.

The U5P Bead Kiln

Technical Data


MaximumTemperature:         920 Degrees Celcius  

Wattage:                           230 V / 0.90 kW                

Overall size H x W x D:         205 x 225 x 275 mm

Firing chamber Size

H x W x D:                          70 x 120 x 130 mm

Net weight:                          6.10 kg

Recomended temperature control devices for use with this kiln

U0113: Adaptor -This serves as a connection for kiln models without a control lead on the program controller ART 901.

U0901: Temperature controller - 4 firing curves can be set as a program and a lead time can be programmed for each firing. For more information see separate sheet.

U0122: Mantle thermocouple - This is a NiCr-Ni thermocouple which serves as a sensor


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U5P Bead Kiln with Split Door: heated from four sides

CE Approved

CE Approved