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For over thirty years the U5 muffle enamelling kiln has been the U.K.’s most popular kiln model. It is the number one choice for all types of enameller, from home hobbyist, professional enameller and educational practitioner. The U5 is heated by a complete ceramic muffle wound with a heating element wire to ensure even distribution of heat within the firing chamber. The element wires are completely concealed enabling one to practice all techniques with complete safety and assurance of quality. The up and over door allows for hands free operation when inserting meshes and stilts and the mica window within the door gives chamber colour and firing observation at all times. The U5 is very versatile and may easily be carried from kitchen table to workshop. Consuming under a kilowatt in energy, the U5 is both economical and practical in use. If starting enamelling there is no better kiln to learn from, teach with, or make all types of jewellery as there is no restriction on technique to be fired. One may very easily learn how to judge the firing times from the chamber colour and the ease in which the door may be opened and shut without much loss of heat. A fantastic kiln to introduce and develop your interest in enamelling and one that will serve you well for many, many years. A full range of spare parts are available from wired muffles through to replacement mica windows


The U5 kiln is not pre drilled to use with a pyrometer probe. For long periods of enamelling we suggest using the U0001 energy regulator which will control the amount of electricity entering the kiln.


Please note that the only way one may damage any enamelling kiln if not using with a regulator is to leave the kiln on, unattended, for long periods with the door shut. Eventually the kiln temperature will build up and exceed its maximum thus damaging the element wires. The rule of thumb is that should you leave the kiln while in use simply open the door so that the incoming heat is then released!





U5 Muffle Kiln: Heated from four sides




Firing Chamber:                  1.10 l

Maximum Temperature:    920 Degrees Celcius

Wattage:                         230 V / 0.90 kW

Overall Size H x W xD:      205 x 225 x 275mm

Firnig Chamber Size

H x W X D:                        70 x 120 x 130mm

Net Weight:                         5.50 kg

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Technical Data

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U5 Replacement mica window

Replacement mica window that fits exactly the U5 Kiln.

Simply slip into brackets on back of kiln door and position.

Allows for viewing through into firing chamber and should be replaced when opaque in colour or becomes cracked.

U15 Element Kiln: Heated from two sides 


U15 kiln model pre-drilled in back wall for insertion of ceramic pyrometer probe.



Firing chamber:                     1.27 l

Maximum temperature:        1000˚C

Wattage:                                  230 V~ / 0.95 kW

Overall size H x W x D:          190 x 275 x 265 mm

Firing chamber H x W x D:    75 x 130 x 130 mm

Net weight:                               6.20 k

Technical Data

The U15 element enamelling kiln is one of the most versatile models from within our range. The firing chamber size allows for the execution of all enamelling techniques from small jewellery items up to larger plaques or bowls. Heated from two side elements one is allowed the full interior space to place objects to be fired and with a quick heat up time and light overall weight, one may use this kiln model anywhere, from kitchen table to workshop. A great model to teach with, the floor insulating brick allows for spillage to occur without damage to the heating elements The U15 kiln is pre drilled in back wall for easy insertion of the ceramic probe if used with a pyrometer to give accurate temperature indication. The up and over door allows for hands free operation when inserting meshes or stilts to be fired and the peep hole in centre door will show interior chamber colour when door is shut. Simply plug this kiln into any domestic power supply and away you go. A slight decolourisation will occur to exterior paint above the door over time but this will never effect the kilns use. All spare parts from heating elements through to insulating bricks are available and may be easily  fitted by anyone with the very basic knowledge of electrical application. For prolonged use of this kiln, ie. for several hours each day, it is suggested that our temperature energy controller coded U0001 be used. This device when fitted between the power supply and the kiln will control the amount of electricity entering the unit and thus regulate the kiln temperature. The U0001 will also allow for economic use of the kiln as one may set the regulator to halfway ( No,5 ) if there is a pause in the kilns use allowing for only 50% of the electricity to be used and then one may reset to a higher number to reheat when recommencing firing . There is no restriction in technique with this kiln and the secure insulation of the firing chamber heat guarantees a even distribution over any object fired A quality kiln offering reliability and long service, the U15 element kiln is widely used by the hobbyist, professional and educational practitioner alike


CE Approved