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Contains the following tools and equipment:

T1 -mesh support, T2 - Stilt, T4- Firing Fork, T5 - Scrolling  Tool, T7 - Palette Knife, T9b - Sieve, Abrasive, T6 - Tweezers, 100g Copper Offcuts, 5 x Novelty Copper Shapes, 5 x Regular Copper Shapes, 5 x Opaque Enamels, 5 x Transparent Enamel, Two Types Decoration Media, Pack of Enamel Transfers

Technical Tip Booklet - full instructions on all techniques


100 x Assorted pierced novelty copper shapes. Ideal for jewellery making or teaching. All

shapes pure copper and taken from regular copper ranges


8 x 50g Assorted Opaque Enamel Colours and 50g Counter Enamel


8 x 50g Assorted Transparent Enamel Colours and 50g Counter Enamel

Set No: 3

6 x 20g Assorted Transparent Enamel Colours 6x   20g Assorted Opaque Enamel Colours

P7 Decoration Pack

20g Glass threads,

50g Opaque mixed chips,

50g Transparent mixed chips,

50g Millefiori dust,

50g Millefiori transparent beads

Set No: 2

12 x 20g Assorted Transparent Enamel Colours

Set No: 1

12 x 20g Assorted Opaque Enamel Colours

ES 2 Separate Enamelling - Starters Kit


3" (7.62cm) Square

4" (10.16cm) Square


CO 1 Copper Offcuts

A mixture of square and rectangular off cuts from approx,30mm to 100mm

All pieces cut to right angles which allows for

any design to be made. More economy than buying individually made shapes and available in 250gm & 1KG amounts.